Smoking Cessation

Finally stop smoking with the support of medications, counseling & education

Do you want to quit tobacco? You are not alone. We will help you on your path to become tobacco-free by providing prescriptions and counseling/education to make the cravings go away. You can do it, and our Smoking Cessation program can help. Learn more about quitting here:


3-Month Plan


1st Line Treatments:

  • Nicotine Replacement Therapy- (the right way)- sometimes you need more than 1 form of nicotine replacement to really curb the cravings. Resources to save you money.
  • Varenicline – quit smoking on Day 8, take with food and water- this medication works by making tobacco less pleasant. Resource to see if you qualify for discount on medication, click here.
  • Buproprion- contraindicated in anyone with a history of seizures, quit smoking on Day 8, helps to also curb post-cessation weight gain if that is a concern for you.


Follow up in 2 weeks for dosage adjustment if needed and then as needed thereafter, if the plan is not working, let’s try another option.


2nd Line Treatments:

  • Nortriptyline
  • Other Combinations

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